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Press Release September 25, 2014

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Silicon Hybrid Amplifiers Stage a Comeback with Release of Chips Technology Circuits 1-GHz Ultra Reliable High RF Output Modules

DENVER, COLORADO, USA – September 25, 2014 - Chips Technology Circuits (CTC), headquartered in Bloomfield, NJ, a global stocking distributor and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) providing timely, reliable, and worldwide service and supply to the CATV, broadband, and telecommunications sectors today announced availability of its 1-GHz Silicon technology based hybrid amplifier module portfolio at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014.

CTC’s 1-GHz Silicon amplifier module portfolio is specifically designed to reduce the cost and complexity to cable network major system operators (MSOs), small cable operators, and business-class multi-media signal distributors that wish to expand their cable and telco plant’s 870-MHz or lower downstream frequency carrying capacity to 1-GHz.  Today’s announcement reveals twelve (12) CTC part numbers (PNs), all offered in the cable industry’s long accepted standard SOT-115 package, with rated power gain ranging from a low of 18.2 to a high of 34.2-dB while operating from +24Vdc.  All members of this family are push-pull amplifiers with rated radio frequency (RF) power outputs of either +44 dBmV or +45 dBmV per channel depending upon individual part number (PN).

Operators benefit from using CTC’s new 1-GHz Silicon technology amplifier modules in several ways including gaining the ability to easily and cost effectively increase 750-MHz or 870-MHz equipment high speed data (HSD) delivery speed by 200 Mbps or more and the addition of up to 31 (for PAL-x 8-MHz wide channel systems) or 41 (for NTSC based 6-MHz wide channel systems) new channels.  CTC designed the 1-GHz Silicon technology amplifier module portfolio specifically for applications requiring ultra-high reliability and performance.  In cable and telco network infrastructure applications requiring less than or equal to +45 dBmV RF output per channel, CTC’s new hybrid amplifiers offer operators their lowest cost to acquire, operate, and maintain any 1-GHz greenfield or plant upgrade option to date. 

The portfolio’s wide range of available power gain options combined with the highest rated RF power output of any Silicon technology amplifiers in this class permit the use of these amplifiers in either a preamplifier or final output stage, or both.  In many line amplifier applications it is feasible to employ a single hybrid amplifier module per output port based on desired gain.

Some industry estimates place cable and telco network equipment limited to 870-MHz or less downstream frequency capability at more than one million (1 M) infrastructure class optical nodes and line amplifiers worldwide.  CTC’s new 1-GHz Silicon technology amplifier modules are crafted to give both network operators and equipment suppliers their lowest total accounted cost (TAC) option to date to improve their infrastructure product and network’s content delivery capacity, ability to thrill customers, and increase profit. 

“Chips Technology Circuits is committed to the continued advancement of ultra-reliable Silicon amplifier technology to make today’s and tomorrow’s communications networks more cost effective while delivering the perfect all-digital and mixed signal content subscribers expect”, stated Lance Horniacek, Director, Chips Technology Circuits.

CTC has been delivering exceptional service and the means for their customer’s continued profitability and growth within the cable and telco industries for more than 40 years.  CTC recently added the capacity to deliver more than 100 individual module part numbers in the widely used cable infrastructure standard SOT-115 package, making it one of the world’s largest suppliers of this class of infrastructure component.