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 For integrated circuits and more from one of the most prolific names in electronic components, Mitsubishi, come to the circuit technology experts at Chips Tech. Chips Tech is proud to offer a wide range of Mitsubishi brand products, ranging from integrated circuits to Hex inverters, Quad 2 input and Gate OC, Dual JK Flip Flops, ICs and more that all contribute to the advancement of telecommunication technology and information processing. Enjoy higher operating performance, stability and efficiency when you choose Mitsubishi brand products.

From communications to satellites to industrial applications, see the professionals at Chips Tech for the best array of Mitsubishi semiconductor components and devices. Contact us at 1-800-526-1383 to place your order or to speak with a friendly and informative Chips Tech team member about specific Mitsubishi questions you have. Can’t find the exact part you are looking for on our website? We will be happy to custom order almost any Mitsubishi component for you, and deliver it to you quickly!

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